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Following speaking at the prestigious WISE Conference in Qatar (November 2017), Gary Stager delivered a keynote address on learning-by making at a conference held at The American University in Cairo. The video is finally available.

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John Umekubo, Director of Technology at St. Matthew’s Parish School has posted a terrific video that does a great job of walking through how they built a makerspace and the basics of the opportunities the students have for projects in various classes. They …

What does a maker program look like? (video) Read More »

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Check out this conversation on Connected TV – part of a month-long series about Innovation and Making in learning spaces. What is the educational value in encouraging invention and tinkering? About The Speaker(s) Howard Rheingold (host) – taught social media literacies …

Connected TV – Invent To Learn Read More »

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While Gary and I were in Amsterdam, we were invited to speak at the grand opening of a new makerspace at the The Hogeschool van Amsterdam, University of Applied Sciences. Gary was interviewed by one of the student journalists covering …

Video interview: Opening the Hogeschool van Amsterdam makerspace Read More »

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Sylvia’s recent session at FETC called “A Global Revolution Goes To School: The Maker Movement” in video. This shows both the presentation and slides, although some of the movies didn’t really get captured fully.

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Neil Gershenfield – Unleash Your Creativity (from TED 2006) Before anyone was talking about 3D printing and “design thinking,” MIT’s Gershenfield wrote, Fab: The Coming Revolution on Your Desktop–from Personal Computers to Personal Fabrication, in which he predicted the next major technological …

Seminal Videos for Makers of All Ages Read More »

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This video was created by a 4th grader at Pacific Elementary School about the Makerspace experience at his school. I love the way it captures the energy and enthusiasm that SHOULD be part of a school day full of learning! …

Pacific Makerspace – a video by Matthew Read More »

Gary presented his keynote “Making, Love, and Learning” at the Marin County Office of Education See other keynotes by Gary

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This is the video archive of a webinar hosted by Atomic Learning as part of a series called, “Education Eavesdrop”. Education Eavesdrop Why School Leaders Should Know About the Maker Movement from Atomic Learning on Vimeo.

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