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Podcast discussion: Does Everyone Need to Code?

For decades, I have marveled at the vehemence with which seemingly reasonable adults defend not teaching kids to program computers. Aside from the typical (and often dubious) justifications popularized by politicians, Hour of Code, and the Computer Science for All

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Maker movement brings tinkering and technology to everyone (interview with Gary Stager)

Gary Stager was interviewed recently by the Alberta Teachers Association. Read this provocative interview, here. Maker movement brings tinkering and technology to everyone

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Connected TV – Invent To Learn

Check out this conversation on Connected TV – part of a month-long series about Innovation and Making in learning spaces. What is the educational value in encouraging invention and tinkering? About The Speaker(s) Howard Rheingold (host) – taught social media literacies

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Video interview: Opening the Hogeschool van Amsterdam makerspace

While Gary and I were in Amsterdam, we were invited to speak at the grand opening of a new makerspace at the The Hogeschool van Amsterdam, University of Applied Sciences. Gary was interviewed by one of the student journalists covering

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Radio show: Movers & Makers

Sylvia was the first guest on a new web radio show about making in education, called WMKR, Movers & Makers hosted by Laura Fleming and  Travis Lape. The topic is the Maker Movement and the show is called Helping Students Learn with the Head, Heart and Hand.

Is Education at a Cross-Roads?

Gary Stager, Will Richardson, and Stephen Harris, the keynote speakers at ELH SchoolTech 2014,  are profiled in this article, Is Education at a Cross-Roads? by Rowena Ulbrick. In an era of rapid technology development, it’s hard not to conclude that education is at

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Gary Stager’s Full ASCD Interview About Making

Following Gary’s presentation at the March ASCD National Conference, Sarah McKibben of ASCD interviewed him for an article, If You Build It: Tinkering with the Maker Mind-Set, published in the June 2014 issue of ASCD Education Update. As is often the case, just a few

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Popular ‘Maker Movement’ Incompatible With Common Core, Authors Contend – EdWeek

At ISTE 2014, we were interviewed by Ben Herold about the intersection of the Maker Movement and current trends in education, including the adoption of the Common Core. Popular ‘Maker Movement’ Incompatible With Common Core, Authors Contend The “maker movement” is making

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Making Room for Maker’s Space – American School and University magazine

In the recent issue of American School & University magazine, Jill Nolin wrote about the design of creative spaces in schools. Schools with varying levels of resources are adopting the concept – a Maker’s Space is, after all, about creation and

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The Maker Movement Conquers the Classroom – THE Journal

The Maker Movement Conquers the Classroom “Whether it’s a paper airplane or a robot that walks, kids have always wanted to create functional objects with their own two hands. These days, many educators are channeling that natural urge to build