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Webinar: Girls (and Boys) and STEM

FETC and Edchat Interactive are hosting a series of interactive webinars leading up to the FETC conference in Orlando (Jan 25- 27, 2017). Sylvia Martinez will be leading the conversation on January 12, 2017 (5PM PST/8PM EST). Join us as

Connected TV – Invent To Learn

Check out this conversation on Connected TV – part of a month-long series about Innovation and Making in learning spaces. What is the educational value in encouraging invention and tinkering? About The Speaker(s) Howard Rheingold (host) – taught social media literacies

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Webinar archive – Why Schools Should Know About the Maker Movement

This is the video archive of a webinar hosted by Atomic Learning as part of a series called, “Education Eavesdrop”. Education Eavesdrop Why School Leaders Should Know About the Maker Movement from Atomic Learning on Vimeo.

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ISTE 2014 Sneak Peek – Top Ten Classroom Tools of the Maker Movement (webinar archive)

ISTE 2014 Sneak Peek – Virtual Conference Archive The conference was held online on Feb. 13, 2014. The archive is here for my session, Top Ten Classroom Tools of the Maker Movement: moderated by Vinnie Vrotny.

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Podcast – What Are the Basics Every Teacher Should Know About the Maker Movement?

I did an interview with Larry Ferlazzo along with Tanya Baker from The National Writing Project. The podcast is 9 minutes long. What Are the Basics Every Teacher Should Know About the Maker Movement? The Maker Movement is part of

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Webinar archive: Top Ten Classroom Tools from the Maker Movement

Join Sylvia Martinez, author of Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom for a fast, fun tour through the top tools and resources of the Maker Movement that are perfect for STEM classrooms and projects. Part of the

Top Ten Tools of the Maker Movement for Classrooms at Global 2013 STEMx this week!

The Global 2013 STEMx Education Conference is the world’s first massively open online conference for educators which focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and more. The conference will be held online, around the clock, over the course of three days, September 19