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Conrad Wolfram, physicist, mathematician and technologist, is Strategic Director and European Co-Founder/CEO of Wolfram – the “math company” behind Mathematica, Wolfram Language and Wolfram|Alpha (which powers knowledge answers for Apple’s Siri) for over 30 years.

Wolfram pioneers new approaches to data science and computation-based development, with technology and consulting solutions that drive innovation in analytics, software development and modelling. Working with start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, it spans industries as diverse as medicine, finance and telecoms.

Conrad is recognised as a thought leader in AI, data science and computation, pioneering a multiparadigm data science approach.

Conrad is also a leading advocate for a fundamental shift of math education to become computer-based or alternatively introduce a new core subject of computational thinking. He founded and to fundamentally fix math education for the AI age – rebuilding the curriculum assuming computers exist. The movement is now a worldwide force in re-engineering the STEM curriculum. His groundbreaking book, The Math(s) Fix – an education blueprint for the AI age,  was released on 10th June 2020

Conrad regularly appears in the media to talk about subjects ranging from decisions and data science to 21st century education. He attended Eton College and holds degrees in Natural Sciences and Math from the University of Cambridge.

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  • Explain why being “bad at maths” may be as much the subject’s fault as the learner’s.
  • Show how a stuck educational ecosystem has students, parents, teachers, schools, employers and policymakers running in the wrong direction to catch up with real-world requirements.
  • Set out a completely alternative vision for a core computational school subject to fix the problem and seed more general reformation of education for the AI age.

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