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“Maker movement gathers steam” in Australia

from Education HQ Australia ‘Making’ is a technology driven response to the widespread absence of ‘doing’ in many classrooms. With the help of STEM teachers and teacher librarians, hands-on learning is on the rise in secondary schools. When I heard,

Infographic – The Rise of MakerED

The Rise of Maker Ed from LittleBits and – look, we’re history!

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Why Making in the Classroom is a Political Stance

by Sylvia Martinez When I talk about the maker movement in schools I do talk about tools and spaces, but I try to make the point that it’s about giving agency to kids in a system that most often considers students

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New tools for making, learning, and fun!

Making in education is a current “hot topic” for schools looking to offer students creative, authentic learning experiences. The tools of the maker movement are accelerating into schools at a rapid pace. New coding apps for the iPad, useful plugins that

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New interview – “The Best Makerspace is Between Your Ears”

Gary was interviewed for the American School Board Journal’s (ASBJ) latest issue on Making in Education.  “The Best Makerspace is Between Your Ears” Q&A with Gary Stager Gary Stager has spent the past 33 years helping educators around the world see


GUIDE TO CREATING AND INVENTING WITH TECHNOLOGY IN THE CLASSROOM Written by Gary Stager for Intel® Australia Ever wanted to learn how to set up a maker space in your school? Or introduce students to an exciting new world of creating new

Making for All: How to Build an Inclusive Makerspace

The Maker Movement has crept into the consciousness of schools in the past few years. For some, it’s a wake up call that over-tested, over-scheduled young people are not going to become the creative, enthusiastic learners we all hope to

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Gary Stager’s New Article in Independent School Magazine

Independent School, the magazine of the National Association of Independent Schools just published a major new article by Dr. Gary Stager. Read Outside the Skinner Box: Can Educational Technology Make a Course Correction? NAIS – Outside the Skinner Box (PDF)

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Gary Stager’s 2014 FabLearn@School Paper

The following is a link to Gary Stager’s paper, Progressive Education and The Maker Movement – Symbiosis or Mutually Assured Destruction?, presented at the FabLearn@School Conference, October 25-26, 2014.

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The Maker Movement: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Sylvia just wrote a short blog for Edutopia about whether “making in the classroom” is just a fad, and what we can do to make sure it isn’t – Should we worry that making in the classroom is just the