Micro:bit and Microcontroller Development Board Workshop Resources

Gary S. Stager, Ph.D.

Software and Hardware

Microsoft MakeCode programming environment for all devices

Using micro:bits with Scratch instructions (including necessary Scratch Link software for Bluetooth Mac/Windows)

  • Firmware (.HEX file) for using the micro:bit with Scratch

Scratch (project) Cards for micro:bit (PPT format)

Tutorials for using the Hummingbird Bit with MakeCode

Tutorials for using Snap! with the Hummingbird Bit 

Tutorials for using multiple Hummingbird Bits or micro:bits with a Hummingbird Bit, including cool ideas for a rover and integrating the compass.

Hummingbird Bit Web Site

MicroBlocks programming environment

Related Materials

micro:bit Starter Ideas with MakeCode new

Super cool Hummingbird Bit mechanism and robot construction ideas

Hummingbird Bit Curricular Project Ideas

The Invent To Learn Workshop Handout Kit

The micro:bit Matters – a guide to understanding the micro:bit

The Invent To Learn Guide to Block Programming

Exciting new physical computing software options

Maker Resources for Educators

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