Invent to Learn Florida 2020 Workshops: Making, Coding, and Robotics Across the Curriculum

2020 Florida Workshops
Feb 10, 2020 Fort Lauderdale, FL
Feb 12, 2020 Jacksonville, FL

Join colleagues for a one-day introduction to the latest coding and physical computing devices available for students. Focusing on the BBC micro:bit, we will explore and use a variety of programming environments, boards, and accessories.

Never before has this much computational power been available for playful, creative projects in all classes and subjects. Even better, the low cost of these materials democratizes powerful learning opportunities.

  • micro:bits can go home
  • Projects do not need to be dismantled at the end of each class period
  • Projects may include multiple microcontrollers
  • Inventions may communicate with each other
  • Programming is accessible via a variety of programming languages developed for learners and learning
  • The range, breadth, and depth of possible projects appeals to a greater diversity of learners and teachers

This Invent to Learn workshop, led by Sylvia Martinez and Dr. Gary Stager, will introduce remarkable new technologies that may be used today to amplify the potential of each learner and expand the breadth, depth, and range of possible projects. Learn how the BBC micro:bit, MakeCode, SNAP!, Scratch 3.0, Hummingbird Bit robotics kit, Circuit Playground Express, and microBlocks, plus Do-It-Yourself game arcades like Brainpad and Meowbot can supercharge project-based learning across the curriculum. These technologies and related constructive material create great opportunities to bring progressive education ideals to life in any classroom. Extension boards and materials from developers, including Kitronik, Sparkfun, Lectrify, and Adafruit will be available for tinkering.


In our eyes, physical computing covers a range of remarkable opportunities for students to invent, make, design, and build robots, wearable devices, curriculum projects, interactive art, and personal projects. We will explore all of this and more in our workshop.

The morning will be spent learning about the micro:bit, its “cousin” microcontroller development boards, and new software appropriate for democratizing computing experiences across the curriculum. After lunch, you will tackle an engineering challenge using the new Hummingbird Bit Robotics Kit. Hands-on/minds-on learning experiences will be the day’s focus.

Registration includes

Included for every participant!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

February 10, 2020 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Pine Crest School
1501 NE 62nd Street
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334
(Map link)
$250 for one registrant – Fort Lauderdale February 10
Carpool and save! $225 each for two registrants – Fort Lauderdale February 10
Bring a team, save more! $210 each for three registrants – Fort Lauderdale February 10

Jacksonville, Florida

February 12, 2020 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Riverside Presbyterian Day School
830 Oak Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204
(Map link)
$250 for one registrant – Jacksonville February 12
Carpool and save! $225 each for two registrants – Jacksonville February 12
Bring a team, save more! $210 each for three registrants – Jacksonville February 12

For more than three registrations, contact Sylvia for details.

Who Should Attend?Learn More
K-12 teachers
Computer science teachers
Tech coordinators
Media specialists
Art teachers
Makerspace teachers

Basic computer operations – drag/drop, copy/paste, file management – skills a plus

Newcomers to coding welcome!
Why the micro:bit matters

Why the Hummingbird Bit Robotics Kit is our favorite edtech material

Program your own Gameboy!

Learn how to program your own Gameboy!

Workshop Leaders

gary stager

Gary Stager is one of the world’s leading experts and advocates for computer programming, robotics and learning-by-doing in classrooms. In 1990, Dr. Stager led professional development in the world’s first laptop schools and played a major role in the early days of online education. In addition to being a popular keynote speaker at some of the world’s most prestigious education conferences, Gary is a journalist, teacher educator, consultant, professor, software developer, publisher, and school administrator. An elementary teacher by training, he has taught students from preschool through doctoral studies. More about Gary Stager

Sylvia Martinez was an aerospace engineer before becoming an educational software producer and vice president of a video game company. She spent a decade as the President of Generation YES, the groundbreaking non-profit that provides educators with the tools necessary to place students in leadership roles in their schools and communities. In addition to leading workshops, Sylvia delights and challenges audiences as a keynote speaker at major conferences around the world. She brings her real-world experience in highly innovative work environments to learning organizations that wish to change STEM education to be more inclusive, effective, and engaging. More about Sylvia Martinez