History of Laptops in Education Resources

Girls’ School Leads Laptop Revolution (1993)
Newspaper coverage of the birth of 1:1 computing

Reflections of a Learning Community (1993)
This book was published by Methodist Ladies’ College to share with educators interested in personal computing. A PDF version may be downloaded here.

Hard and Easy: Reflections on my ancient history in 1:1 computing
Gary Stager’s reflection on his early experiences leading professional development in the world’s first laptop schools

Why Logo? – One Courageous School’s Attempt to Make Learning Personal (1993)
What you do with 1:1 computing matters!

Laptop Schools Lead the Way in Professional Development (1995)
An article Gary Stager authored for ASCD’s Educational Leadership. Filled with interesting suggestions that stand the test of time.

Laptops and Learning: Can laptop computers put the “C” (for constructionism) in Learning? (1998)
Published in the October 1998 issue of Curriculum Administrator

Seymour Papert’s 2000 speech at Bates College on the eve of Maine going 1:1

Stager, G. S. (2000). Dream bigger. In J. Little & B. Dixon (Eds.), Transforming learning – an anthology of miracles in technology-rich classrooms (pp. 109-122). Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia: Kids Technology Foundation.

Girls and Technology – Overcoming Myths & Malpractice (2002)
Text from a keynote address I gave in Melbourne, Australia

Bob Johnstone’s comprehensive history of 1:1 computing in schools, “Never Mind the Laptops: Kids, Computers, and the Transformation of Learning.

David Loader, principal of the world’s first 1:1 “laptop school’s” remarkable book, “The Inner Principal: Reflections on Educational Leadership.”

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