FabLearn 2013 – streaming live! (Archive and Links)

Update: Use these links to access the video archives of these keynotes.

Gary Stager’s brand new keynote, “Making School Reform,” will streamed live October 28th at 9:15 AM (Pacific) from the 2013 FabLearn Conference at Stanford University . He kicks off a day of amazing keynote addresses and panel discussions. The other keynotes by Dr. Paulo Blikstein and Dr. Leah Buechley are not to be missed!

Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 11.35.06 PMThe Transformative Learning Technologies Laboratory invites you to attend and watch online the third Digital Fabrication in Education Conference, FabLearn 2013. Held on Sunday, October 27th, and Monday, October 28th, FabLearn 2013 will bring together those interested in expanding the application of fabrication labs, making, and hands-on learning in research and education. The two-day event at Stanford University will be a mixture of expert talks, panels, and hands-on fabrication activities developed by educators located around the world.

Day 1 will consist of a variety of workshops allowing attendees to delve deeply into hands-on learning practices. Some of the 10+ workshops include:

  • Designing with Empathy: Explore Perspectives with MaKey MaKey
  • Unleashing Your Inner Inventor With Arduino and ProtoSnap
  • Foundations for Fabrication: Using Redesign to Teach Engineering Design Processes
  • Effective Prompt Setting and Making Across the Curriculum
  • Flashy Fashion: Engaging Activities For The “I’m not really into tech” Kids
  • Teaching Children to Program: The How, What, and Why of Teaching CS to Children

Day 2 will consist of keynote talks and panels by Dr. Leah Buechley (Lilypad Arduino inventor and former professor at the MIT Media Lab), Dr. Gary Stager (author of “Invent To Learn“), Paloma Garcia-Lopez (Maker Education Initiative), and Dr. Paulo Blikstein (Stanford), along with a Research Panel (researchers from several institutions), Educator Panel (lab coordinators, teachers, and makers), Young Maker’s Panel (children talking about their “making” experiences), and Demo/Exhibitor Session.

With FabLearn 2013, we hope to bring together the growing community of educators, makers, and researchers seeking to transform STEM learning by creating original activities, machines, technologies, and pedagogies for making, building, and digital fabrication. Please join us in person or online!

The conference is completely sold out but you can add your name to the waitlist. The keynotes will be web streamed (see below).

When: October 27th-28th
Where: Stanford University
Who should attend: researchers, educators, entrepreneurs, teachers, and principals interested in creating fabrication labs and learning more about hands-on learning!

FabLearn 2013 is funded by the NSF Cyberlearning Program.


Streamed content is no longer available.

Oct 28th
09:15 – 10:00am: http://edstream.stanford.edu/Video/Play/eae0a029a80340cfb6fc4f6f229de2571d
Opening Keynote, “Making School Reform”
Dr. Gary Stager

02:30 – 3:00pm: http://edstream.stanford.edu/Video/Play/05b495c357334f3298c8c417572cd3a51d
Talk, “Research on Making ”
Dr. Paulo Blikstein (Stanford University)

04:00 – 4:45pm: http://edstream.stanford.edu/Video/Play/883b61dd951d4d3f90abeec65eead2911d
Closing Keynote
Dr. Leah Buechley