VIDEO: Making the Case for Making in Schools

Watch Gary and Sylvia take the Innovation Stage at MakerFaire New York 2013!


Making the Case for Making in Schools from Maker Faire on

Making the Case for Making in Schools  (30 minute video)

Why can’t school be more like a Maker Faire? The answer is: it can. Learn how to advocate for making in your school based on the latest research in learning and best practices found in innovative schools. The authors of the new book, “Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom” will share:

  • Why making and tinkering is the way real science is done
  • How to start a maker program
  • How to find allies and advocates
  • What teachers and parents can say and do

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  1. Gary & Sylvia

    Thanks for your wonderful book Invent to Learn.

    I’m a former and recently retired manufacturer.  I started a social media company promoting Manufacturing and STEM education worldwide.  I do this primarily through our website and social media platforms.  I am also working at the state and local levels in my own state of New Hampshire to develop and assist with commensurate programs.

    I’m assisting (mentoring) with Maker Clubs in two local high schools. I’m also working with the NH Libraries Trustees Association to help develop Maker Programs in all of New Hampshire’s libraries.

    I’ve got some ideas on how you could help with these efforts in a way that would also help others.

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