The Maker Movement Believes In ‘Kid Power’

Larry Ferlazzo, who writes the incredibly popular Classroom Q&A Blog for Teacher Magazine online asked us to respond this this question from one of his readers, Phil Shapiro:

How can schools best embrace the Maker Movement to promote inquiry and learning seven days a week?

Our response is published here: Response: The Maker Movement Believes In ‘Kid Power’ and here is Larry’s introduction:

Sylvia Libow Martinez and Gary S. Stager have graciously adapted a portion of their book, Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Education in the Classroom, into a piece for this blog. The book has quickly become a key resource for those attempting to apply The Maker Movement to their teaching practice.

The Movement doesn’t only have implications for STEM classes, however. The next post in this series will also explore what it means for the Language Arts.

You might also want to listen to a nine-minute podcast interview I did with Sylvia and Tanya Baker from The National Writing Project.

In addition to visiting the Invent To Learn website for more Maker Movement Resources, I’ve compiled more at The Best Resources For Learning About The “Maker Movement”. I’ve added links there that Sylvie and Gary suggested, but that I couldn’t include in this post because of space limitations.

Please read our whole response at Classroom Q&A with Larry Ferlazzo over at Education Week/Teacher Magazine Online.