2 Comments on “New programming environments for learning (2020 –)

  1. Many thanks Gary for all these updates, it’s going to take a slab out of my holidays to check them all out. I just had a play with the web browser version of Turtle Art. Like the original, it is wonderful. The only thing I found buggy was saving as an SVG, when I tried to save Hairline it slowed down my browser and then froze the page. Obviously, Brian and Paula are great teachers since the Samples and Help are so well done. I wasn’t aware of drawing machines and looked up axidraw, which is mentioned in the Help. That would be a great asset for a 21st C maths department! Also your link to the Exploratorium article on workflow from Turtle Art to Vinyl cutter shows the way to go.

  2. All great stuff! You should also check out turtleSpaces, a 3D Logo interpreter similar to Lynx. It does everything Lynx does and much, much more. You can even create STL files for 3D printing!