LED jewelry (and a fan letter)

This came in the mail the other day. It’s humbling to be told that your work influences others, especially when people do things that are so amazing! Barbara agreed to share this with our audience.
We are truly the lucky ones…


Sylvia and Gary,

OK, this is some fan mail….

I thought you might be a tiny bit interested that one of my “instructables” on www.instructables.com is a finalist in their Coded Creations Contest!

The Contest Page:

My Instructable:

I decided about a month ago that I should write up instructions to some of the geeky crafts I’ve been doing. So far I’ve posted four tutorials. This Arduino one was featured on their home page for about a week.

I’m more proud of the fact that I could actually make the project. It’s all a result of your Invent to Learn workshop in New York over a year ago… It sparked a new passion!

I tell teachers all the time that giving our students opportunities to create things gives them the confidence and agency to try things they never thought they could do. I’m living proof of that, and your workshop was the spark that started things rolling for me. I thank you for that.

I’ve also added LEDs to my polymer clay jewelry, and I’ve been invited to write an article for a (major in the tiny community of polymer clay artists) magazine. My goal was to create a beautiful necklace that integrated the technology in an artful, not geeky way. Not that there is anything wrong with geeky!

I am looking forward to this summer’s Constructing Modern Knowledge conference. I am fortunate to be able to attend, and I can’t wait!

Thanks again for all that you both have done and continue to do for educators and young inventors the world over. I am so lucky to have crossed your paths.

Barbara Liedahl
Instructional Specialist – Media Arts
Arts Integration Office, Creative Arts Programs
Prince George’s County Public Schools