What maker leaders make

This is a great post by Pam Moran, superintendent of Albemarle County Public Schools in Virginia, where making is being infused into every part of the learning process. It’s called “What maker leaders make” on the SmartBrief Blog. Here’s just a bit of it. Be sure to read the whole thing!

I’ve come to realize that “maker leaders” emerge from all demographics. They can be introverts, extroverts or ambiverts. They bring different experiences, capabilities, talents and habits with them. They are successful not because of what they know, but because of what they make.

What do leaders make?

  • They make a culture that unleashes the potential of others.

  • They make time to connect people inside and outside of their organizations, and to nurture and cross-pollinate ideas, resources, questions and solutions.

  • They make diverse teams thrive by valuing the unique contributions and talents of each member as they lead and collaborate together to invent, design, create and produce.

  • They make agenda space that validates creativity as a pathway to solving grand challenges, daily problems and unexplored possibilities.

  • They make other leaders through opportunities that empower people to think and act out of conviction, commitment, knowledge, skill and courage.

  • They make beliefs, ethical decision-making and regard for others’ core values in their actions.

  • They make mistakes and use those as pathways to model humility as well as learning.

  • And, they make their own leadership with their hands, their hearts and their heads as they listen, question, seek and share in the work with those they encounter, regardless of position, age or experience.

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