The Invent To Learn Guide to Fun

The Invent To Learn Guide to Fun features an assortment of insanely clever classroom-tested “maker” projects learners of all ages. Pioneer maker-educator Josh Burker kicks classroom learning-by-making up a notch with step-by-step instructions, full-color photos, open-ended challenges, and sample code.

Learn to paint with light, make your own “Operation Game,” sew interactive stuffed creatures, build “Rube Goldberg” machines, design artbots, produce mathematically generated mosaic tiles, program adventure games, and more! Your MaKey MaKey, LEGO, old computer, recycled junk, and 3D printer will be put to good use in these fun and educational projects. With The Invent To Learn Guide to Fun in hand, kids, parents, and teachers are invited to embark on an exciting and fun learning adventure!

Project Description
Squishy Circuit Experiments Use homemade dough to experiment with electricity.
LEGO ArtBots Build a robot that makes art!
Animated Postcards Paper and electronics combine to make fun greeting cards with lights, and then animate them!
MaKey MaKey Musical Instruments Upcycle cardboard to make a an orchestra of instruments like no others.
MaKey MaKey Operation Game Build your own “Operation” game.
Soft Circuit Stuffed Animals Sew together a new friend with glowing eyes and a light up heart of gold.
TurtleArt Experiments Play with the turtle to draw amazing geometric patterns.
Glowdoodlers Create electronic paintbrushes and paint with light and color.
Chain Reaction Machines Build a contraption that would amaze Rube Goldberg. The chain reaction weaves from the real world on to the computer and back to the real world again!
Carnival Games Make a carnival with computer games with controllers you make yourself.
Turtle Art Tiles Create amazing clay tiles with beautiful geometric patterns.
Dungeon Crawl Adventure Game Program your own computer game that responds to light and sounds.
Crystal Radio Receiver The world is full of hidden radio waves! Build your own receiver to explore it.

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