Talking back to the book

Kevin Hodgson, who you may know as @dogtrax on Twitter, wrote a very nice review of Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the classroom for MiddleWeb. He “… found it be such a great resource for wrapping one’s head around where to begin with the move to get kids making things again in a learning environment.”

How to Become a Maker School

Not only did Kevin write a review, but he wrote an interesting blog post on his personal blog where he “talks back” to various passages in the book.

Like this one:

“Teachers should not be treated as imbeciles incapable of growth or felons who can’t be trusted to show a YouTube video in class.” p. 199

My Response: Can we bulk email this to every school administrator in the country? Tape it up on the walls above the desks of the informational technology officers of every school district? Please?

I’m especially looking forward to the Invent To Learn Book Club that is set to begin in just a few days – October 21, 2013 as part of Connected Educator Month. It’s simple to join on the edConnectr website, and then join the book club group. (Sign up information and what to expect details are here.) Once October 21 rolls around, there will be online discussions, forums, and some provocative questions, videos, and conversations!

Thanks Kevin for the interesting musings and you and everyone else is invited to the Book Club for more!