Invent To Learn reviewed by the School Library Journal

From School Library Journal: Science Learning | A Medley of Resources

For anyone interested in learning more about the maker movement in education, this is an excellent starting point. Innovative educators,Stager, Executive Director of The Constructivist Consortium, and Martinez, President of Generation YES, urge teachers to look far beyond test prep and getting the answer right to offer students project-based learning that turns classrooms into settings where teachers talk less and children do more, makerspaces that value “making, tinkering, collaborative learning, and invention.” They start with a brief history of the maker movement, highlighting the work of Seymour Papert, a very early proponent of creative computer use by children, and continue with an in-depth look at how to get started. Ideas range from the “constructionism” learning theory to designing a good project to new fabrication tools (3D printers, Raspberry PiArduinoMakey Makey, etc.) to creating the learning environment and advocating for makerspaces in schools. A companion website provides links to the resources listed in the book—professional development, tutorials, project ideas, books, videos, creative materials, and much more.