Unleash the robots! Hummingbird Robotics Kit has a new iPad app

One of the favorite technologies we use in our professional development workshops and Constructing Modern Knowledge is the Hummingbird Robot Kit. It’s designed with the learner in mind, robust, and gives wings to the maker’s imagination.The Hummingbird kit contains everything you need to built super-cool robots, complete with motors, lights, and sensors out of recycled materials. The electronics just work when you plug components into the clearly labeled ports. There is no need to understand shields, resistors, or complex circuits.

That’s why we are excited about this new announcement from Birdbrain Technologies –


An iPad app for Coding with Hummingbird

We are very excited to launch our newest programming environment for Hummingbird, the free BirdBlox iPad app! Instead of a USB connection, BirdBlox works through a brand-new Hummingbird Bluetooth module and allows untethered robots, including ones that run solely off of AA batteries. BirdBlox is inspired by Snap! and Scratch and allows students to control Hummingbird motors and LEDs, read Hummingbird and iPad sensors, and use operators, variables, lists, loops, and conditionals.

Learn more from our BirdBlox tutorialtest out the app on your iPad or iPhone (no Hummingbird needed), and make sure to buy a Bluetooth adapter for your Hummingbird!