Trends from EdTech Digest Review

Capturing the excitement of the maker movement and sharing the educational case for bringing making, tinkering and engineering to every classroom in America and beyond, education and technology pioneers Gary Stager and Sylvia Martinez explore new technologies, place them in an historical context and advise educators on just how to create rich learning adventures in their classrooms in their latest book, “Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom.

How can schools embrace exciting new tools such as 3D printing, Arduino, wearable computers, robotics, and computer programming? “Invent To Learn” helps educators enjoy the greatest learning return on investment. Schools have already begun buying copies for entire faculties to read over the summer.

“The book’s mix of history, theory, practical advice, discussion of game-changing technology, hundreds of resources and advocacy for more creative, constructive, child-centered classrooms is intended to make schooling worthy of 21st-century children,” says Gary. “I am humbled by our early reviews.” Peruse those reviews at, where you’ll find more information about the book, as well as professional development opportunities. Or, just go ahead and get your print version or get it on kindle.

from EdTech Digest