Learn Arduino, Save $$

Check out these video Arduino courses created and taught by Peter Dalmaris. Teachers can take these classes for a significant discount:

  • Arduino Step by Step. A comprehensive and ever-expanding course on Arduino, components, and techniques. Over 17 hours of video content and 99 lectures, this course has attracted over 6,000 students.
  • Arduino Fun: Make a high-tech remote controlled car (intermediate level). Some competency in both the Arduino programming side, and in usage of tools like the soldering iron, a drill and a hot glue gun. However, you can get through the project without power tools.
  • Beginning Arduino: Make your own environment monitor system. No prior knowledge and only a few basic and safe components are necessary. Create a gadget that posts your environment data to a Web logging service.
The courses are available on the Udemy platform, and you can preview them using the links.