Resources: Effective Teaching

Teaching and pedagogy books that support maker education
  • Flipping the Flipped Classroom – This study found that students who were allowed unstructured time with a scientific simulation before reading the textbook or watching explanatory videos did better on tests than students who read the texts or watched the videos before exploring.
  • Teaching for meaningful learning: A review of research on inquiry-based and cooperative learning – “Decades of research illustrate the benefits of inquiry-based and cooperative learning to help students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in a rapidly changing world.” 
  • Teaching teachers to integrate design and PBL into math and science – An action research project following elementary teachers who were learning how to integrate design and project-based learning into math and science found significant results: “Their students became active learners and problem solvers. Indeed, their critical thinking skills, as evidenced by their ability to pose problems, seek answers, and test solutions, expanded and extended to other curriculum units. Their confidence increased, as they had to take responsibility for their own learning, becoming capable of researching, and finding answers to questions they posed for themselves. The questions became more complex and interrelated. No longer were curriculum areas isolated; mathematics, reading, writing and science are connected through design. One of the most significant results from units centered on design is the benefit it has for inclusion students or students with special needs. All of the teachers who found that their inclusion students benefited from the experience, in ways they had not from traditional classroom learning activities, realized that the design process enfranchises a variety of learning styles, from the traditional academic instruction to the creative and eclectic.” 
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