Resources: Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

  • DIYAbility – “Where MacGyver meets Assistive Technology” Projects, workshops and resources on making and hacking for children with disabilities.
  • Creating space for equity in making – By Adam Reger for ReMake Learning.
  • Girls in Tech – By Sylvia Martinez for Intel Australia. A free guide about how maker education can support equity for girls in STEM.
  • Tinkering Spaces: How Equity Means More Than Access – Interviews with several educators working to provide equitable access to makerspaces to youth.
  • Making Culture – An examination of K-12 education makerspaces nationwide from the ExCITe Center’s Learning Innovation initiative at Drexel School of Education. The report reveals the significance of cultural aspects of making (student interests, real world relevance, and community collaboration) that enable learning. The research highlights how makerspaces foster a range of positive student learning outcomes, but also reflects some of the gaps in inclusion common in STEM courses and careers. 
  • Thinking about Making (Video) – Leah Buechley challenges the maker movement to broaden participation and access for all, especially in schools.
  • Recontextualizing the Makerspace: Culturally Responsive Education – Nettrice Gaskins argues for a redefinition of technology and technological processes that include engagements by groups underrepresented in the DIY/makerspace/hacker culture movement.
  • On Equity Issues in the Maker Movement, and Implications for Making and Learning – Rafi Santo addresses the serious equity issues found in the maker movement and provides links to many organizations working to provide more equitable making experiences.
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