Resources: Electronics

Resources for teaching electronics, electronics kits, and circuit design

  • Chibitronics (Circuit Stickers) – Chibitronics offers beautiful kits and materials for making paper circuits. Circuit Stickers are easy to use for young circuit designers. The Chibi Chip adds microcontroller capability to paper circuits.
  • littleBits – Electronic building blocks for children, color-coded by functionality, that snap together with rare earth magnets. This eliminates the possibility for incorrect connections, short circuits, and syntax errors in order to facilitate electronic tinkering by learners of all ages.
  • Snap Circuits – Explore electronic circuitry, with and without a computer, with snap together components to make working circuits and machines.
  • Lectrify – Small circuit components work with paper, wearables, and any arts and crafts project. The pieces are designed to reflect real electronic components, providing but not forcing a pathway to understanding electronic design.
  • Circuit Arcade – Instructions to make your own DIY cardboard circuit components.
  • SAM Labs – Programmable electronic construction kit.
  • MakeBlock Neuron – Programmable electronic construction kit.
Conductive paint and pens
Teaching Electronics
  • Causal Patterns in Simple Circuits: Lessons to Infuse into Electricity Units to Enable Deeper Understanding – A terrific resource for educators to understand how to help students move from simple models to more correct models of electricity and circuits. The lessons also emphasize a classroom culture that encourages exploration, with an emphasis on how to deal directly with student misconceptions by asking them to observe deeply and construct their own understandings. Designed for middle school, the ideas could be adapted for younger or older students.
Circuit Design 
  • Fritzing – An open-source software tool for circuit design. There are tutorials, a global user group, and a library of components that can be used to design circuits and circuit boards. (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • EasyEDA – Online circuit design tool.
  • CircuitLab – Online circuit design tool.
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