Resources: Educator Websites

Sites and blogs by educators showcasing maker projects in schools, libraries, and community organizations

  • Creator’s Studio – John Umekubo created this website to support a middle school maker lab. Projects, resources, and articles are helpful teacher resources.
  • Makerspace in a School Library – Colleen Graves, an award-winning school librarian, shares resources about the intersection of school libraries, makerspaces, and invention literacy on her site and books.
  • Worlds of Learning – Laura Fleming, a high school librarian, was one of the early proponents of makerspaces in school libraries. She shares resources and best practices on her site and publications.
  • Logistics of Makerspace Scheduling – Diana Rendina, a middle school librarian, shares a variety of ways that classes and clubs intersect in the makerspace. The site also contains a lot of makerspace resources and project ideas.
  • Makerspace Starter Kit – Gweneth Jones (aka “The Daring Librarian) chronicles her middle school library and makerspace.
  • Lighthouse Creativity Lab – Posts, project guides, and professional development from a public charter school in Oakland, California that was one of the first to implement making in K-12.
  • Tales from CREATE – The story of CREATE, a K-5 public school makerspace in Silicon Valley.
  • Building Capacity – Jim Tiffin Jr. shares many projects and thoughts about the maker process at his K-4 school. Don’t miss his page, Tales Not Yet Told, for a glimpse into current projects that are still unfolding. What a great (and brave) idea!
  • The Nest Makerspace (biodesign and biohacking) – Connie Takara’s collection of lesson plans and resources for biodesign, environmental literacy, and making.
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