Resources: Creative Materials Old and New

  • Bare (conductive) Paint – Paint pens and interactive card kits. This is a UK-based company; some of their materials are available at ThinkGeek and Amazon.
  • CircuitWriter Precision Pen – Draw electrical “wires” to create circuits on paper.
  • Bare Conductive Paint Pen – Conductive paint in a pen form.
  • Tapagami – Tapigami is an art form using masking tape created by Danny Scheible.
  • Sugru – Miraculous shapeable air-cured rubber, because “the future needs fixing!“

Squishy Circuits


  • Audacity – Free audio editor and recorder software. This is a must have!
  • Tech4Learning – Kid-friendly art, animation, publishing and creativity software for schools.
  • HyperStudio – Multimedia authoring, video editing, interactive web and iBooks publishing, and Arduino programming
  • Animationish – Peter Reynolds’ easy-to-use animation program, complete with video tutorials.


  • The Story of Caine’s Arcade – Caine Munro and his cardboard arcade have inspired millions of people around the world to be more playful and creative.
  • Cardboard automata – Machines made of cardboard
  • Rolobox – Wheel sets for cardboard boxes. Great for use with Makedo and other materials.
  • Makedo – Wicked cool reusable connectors, hinges and child-safe saws for building cardboard constructions.

Filmmaking and Photography