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Seymour Papert in Sydney, Australia 2004

Dr. Seymour Papert, Governor Angus King and Dr. Gary Stager were the keynote speakers at this 2004 conference on 1:1 education in Sydney, Australia. This video is of Dr. Papert’s keynote address. If the embedded video above is not working, you can see the video here.


Seymour Papert at Bates College – 2000

This is a substantive public lecture by Dr. Seymour Papert at Bates College, Maine during the winter of 2000. This presentation was made a few weeks after the Governor of Maine, proposed providing a laptop computer to every single 7th and 8th grader in Maine. The idea was generating quite a bit of controversy at the time, yet it continues to this day.

Dr. Papert was a major advisor to Governor Angus King and spent a couple of years gathering support for the provision of student laptops. (Link to video if the embedded video above is not working)


Seymour Papert keynote address at Mindfest 1999


Seymour Papert Keynote Address at Mindfest (1999) from Gary Stager on Vimeo.

Seymour Papert delivered this keynote address at Mindfest held at the MIT Media Lab on October 24, 1999. Mindfest was a two day hands-on conference celebrating the role of tinkering in learning and creativity — and the ways new technologies are transforming how we think and learn.