Chapter 6

Resources mentioned in Chapter 6 – Making Today
  • Leah Buechley’s TED Talk, “How to Sketch with Electronics” – Inspiring and beautiful video.
  • Squishy Circuits – The home of all things related to Squishy Circuits, homemade conductive and insulating dough for playing and learning about electronics. Recipes, kits, and videos showing how to use Squishy Circuit dough to teach electronics.
  • Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show about Squishy Circuits – Super-Awesome Sylvia explains Squishy Circuits to kids of all ages.
  • Imagination Foundation – Created after the success of the YouTube video Caine’s Arcade, this foundation supports creativity and entrepreneurship in children worldwide.
  • The Story of Caine’s Arcade – The video of Caine Munro and his cardboard arcade has inspired millions of people around the world to be more playful and creative.
  • – A list of hackerspaces worldwide, events, challenges, resources, and more.
  • Altas of Community Innovation Spaces – Crowdsourced map of Fab Labs, makerspaces, hackerspaces and other community spaces.
  • K-12 Fab Labs and Makerspaces Forum – A google group of K-12 educators who share ideas, projects, and resources.
  • Fab Central – Organizing website for worldwide FabLabs maintained by the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms.
  • Bare (conductive) Paint – Paint pens and interactive card kits. This is a UK-based company; some of their materials are available at ThinkGeek and Amazon.
  • Circuit Scribe – Conductive paint pens and electronics kits.
  • Chibitronics (Circuit Stickers) – Chibitronics offers beautiful kits and materials for making paper circuits. Circuit Stickers are easy to use for young circuit designers. The Chibi Chip adds microcontroller capability to paper circuits.
  • Casey Neistat – Filmmaker Casey Neistat creates incredibly creative short videos using everyday cameras and simple, easy to reproduce production effects.
  • Makedo – Wicked cool reusable connectors, hinges and child-safe saws for building cardboard constructions.
  • Tapagami – Tapigami is “the art of applying imagination to tape” created by Danny Scheible.
  • Cardboard making accessories – Makedo hosts a collection on Thingiverse of parts that you can 3D print or laser cut. These hinges, traps, and tools are perfect for cardboard constructions.
  • – Database of free, copyright friendly photographs submitted by educators and students around the world.
  • Craft Tech Lab – Mike Eisenberg heads this research group at Colorado University, Boulder interweaving computation and craft materials. Website offers research, resources, and community outreach events.
  • High-Low Tech group at MIT – An archive of an MIT Media Lab research group that originated many maker technologies including sewable electronics, circuit stickers, and other technology aimed at engaging a diverse audience in designing and engineering.
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