Chapter 13

Resources mentioned in Chapter 13 – Make Your Own Maker Day
  • Marble runs and ramps – The Tinkering Studio site for Marble Machines. These large scale machines are built for crowds, but the resources will be helpful for any size build.
  • Scribbling machines – Easy to build robots using scrap materials with pens for legs and a small off-center motor. The vibrating motor causes the robot to dance around and scribble on a large sheet of paper.
  • Wind Tubes – Easy to make large upright tubes with a fan at the bottom. Makers can build “stuff that floats” out of recycled materials, put their creations in the tube and watch them fly up to the sky!
  • Cardboard Automata – Machines made of cardboard that tell a story through movement.
  • Nerdy Derby – Offers free resources and curriculum for a car construction and racing activity focused on creativity, not competition.
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