Chapter 11

Buy the bookResources mentioned in Chapter 11 of Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom

Marble runs and ramps – Small scale versions
Marble runs and ramps – Large scale versions
Scribbling machines – Easy to build robots using scrap materials with pens for legs and a small off-center motor. The vibrating motor causes the robot to dance around and scribble on a large sheet of paper
LED Throwies – An LED taped to a battery and a magnet creates a crowd-sourced light show
Cardboard automata – Machines made of cardboard
Wind Tubes – Easy to make large upright tubes with a fan at the bottom. Makers can build “stuff that floats” out of recycled materials, put their creations in the tube and watch them fly up to the sky!
Glow Doodle Software – Software to create pictures with glowing light
Glow Doodle Bottles – Make bottles for glowing light pictures