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Big Question Institute: Teaching Like the Future Depends on It

October 19 - October 20

How do we amplify learning when engaging in remote or hybrid schooling?

Progressive ideals do not have to take a backseat in remote or blended learning situations.

In fact, the opportunities to explore interdisciplinary projects, hands-on minds-on learning, and rich student-centered experiences may never have been greater.

This four-hour, deep dive workshop over two days will explore the landscape of what’s possible, what’s working, how to enhance remote or hybrid student projects, and teaching for the future, even if we have no idea what tomorrow brings.


Join us in this unique experience and you’ll learn how to:

  • Move beyond online curriculum delivery
  • Create and bring value to online projects with students
  • Get resources for remote projects that encourage student-centered learning and inquiry
  • Communicate these ideals to parents, administrators, and colleagues
  • Inspire, support, and sustain educationally nutritious projects
  • Make learning visible
  • Turn values into educational practice and consider how teaching migh evolve

These sessions will be organized around four themes:


  • Surveying the Horizon
    • The challenges and opportunities
    • Successes and fumbles
  • What Was Good, Is Good
    • Principles of progressive education
    • Constructionism and learning-by-doing


  • Less Us, More Them
    • Genuine apprenticeship experiences and knowledge construction, not information retrieval
    • Big projects, interdisciplinary units, and other affordances of remote learning
  • Teaching and Leading for the Other End of the Tunnel

    • Teaching for tomorrow; time for optimism
    • Powerful ideas and standing on the side of children

Join internationally recognized authors and speakers Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager for this 4-hour deep dive over 2-days as they explore these topics in greater depth and show participants how to apply the ideas to their particular grade levels and subject areas.

(For discount pricing for teams of 5 or more, please email info@bigquestions.institute)