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What does a maker program look like? (video)

John Umekubo, Director of Technology at St. Matthew’s Parish School has posted a terrific video that does a great job of walking through how they built a makerspace and the basics of the opportunities the students have for projects in various classes. They

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Connected TV – Invent To Learn

Check out this conversation on Connected TV – part of a month-long series about Innovation and Making in learning spaces. What is the educational value in encouraging invention and tinkering? About The Speaker(s) Howard Rheingold (host) – taught social media literacies

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Video interview: Opening the Hogeschool van Amsterdam makerspace

While Gary and I were in Amsterdam, we were invited to speak at the grand opening of a new makerspace at the The Hogeschool van Amsterdam, University of Applied Sciences. Gary was interviewed by one of the student journalists covering

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VIDEO: Sylvia’s FETC Featured Session

Sylvia’s recent session at FETC called “A Global Revolution Goes To School: The Maker Movement” in video. This shows both the presentation and slides, although some of the movies didn’t really get captured fully.

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Seminal Videos for Makers of All Ages

Neil Gershenfield – Unleash Your Creativity (from TED 2006) Before anyone was talking about 3D printing and “design thinking,” MIT’s Gershenfield wrote, Fab: The Coming Revolution on Your Desktop–from Personal Computers to Personal Fabrication, in which he predicted the next major technological

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Pacific Makerspace – a video by Matthew

This video was created by a 4th grader at Pacific Elementary School about the Makerspace experience at his school. I love the way it captures the energy and enthusiasm that SHOULD be part of a school day full of learning!

Video – Making, Love, and Learning (Gary Stager)

Gary presented his keynote “Making, Love, and Learning” at the Marin County Office of Education See other keynotes by Gary

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Webinar archive – Why Schools Should Know About the Maker Movement

This is the video archive of a webinar hosted by Atomic Learning as part of a series called, “Education Eavesdrop”. Education Eavesdrop Why School Leaders Should Know About the Maker Movement from Atomic Learning on Vimeo.

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Invent To Learn Workshop Movie Trailer

Cathy Hunt shared another creation with us (see “The Art of Invent To Learn” for more awesomeness)  inspired by her experience at the Invent To Learn workshop at the 21st Century Learning Conference in Hong Kong. She wanted to share

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