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Programmable Toys for the iPad

Tickle, a dialect of Scratch for the iPad created by Taiwanese computer science professor Mike Chen, has a very special secret sauce. While Tickle allows users to create animations, games, and stories in a Scratch-like fashion (with an orca replacing the cat), it’s real magic lies in an ability to make a variety of bluetooth-enabled toys and devices programmable by kids on an iPad.

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Launch of a major maker education initiative in Netherlands

A new website and initiative has just launched in the Netherlands at

It is in Dutch, but I got the scoop from Karien Vermeulen of the Waag Society in Amsterdam. The initiative is set up to:

  • Offer schools the opportunity to apply for a voucher that covers the costs of a maker education activity in cooperation with a makerspace
  • Start a maker education learning community for pioneer teachers
  • Do some research on maker education and creativity
  • Collect and share good projects
  • Share events,

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Teacher Maker Camp Cookbook – free download

In 2014 and again in 2015, Gary and I visited the Waag Society Fab Lab in Amsterdam to talk to teachers about making and makerspaces. The Netherlands has been a hotbed of maker activity and it’s been great fun to participate!

The Waag Society has been running Teacher Maker Camps and has just released a gorgeous book (in English,

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Making for the littles

TMI robotWe often receive questions about making with young learners. Many of the tools and technology of the maker movement seem to be for middle and high school students. What is there for our youngest makers?


Recommended technology

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Part/Whole Turtle Art Activity

I like to create curricular materials based on experience with a group of kids, not before. Recent work with 3rd graders and Turtle Art suggested that many kids were having trouble with part-whole relationships and procedurality. I asked kids to use the turtle to draw Halloween images. A few kids made recognizable images out of geometric shapes.

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Raspberry Pi Resources

Dear Parents:
Each child will bring home their own Raspberry Pi computer kit to keep. The Raspberry Pi is a tiny Linux-based inexpensive computer that can be used for schoolwork, programming, gaming, appliance control, and more.
Best of all, the Raspberry Pi works with an old computer monitor,

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littleBits Quick Start Guides

littleBits are ingenious snap-together magnetic elements used to create whimsical machines and prototype complex electronic circuits. It’s impossible to short-circuit the littleBits or create a syntax error in your physical “program” since they only snap together the “correct” way. Kids from 5-85 love inventing with littleBits.

littleBits QuickstartWe recently created two “Quick Start”

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New tools for making, learning, and fun!

Making in education is a current “hot topic” for schools looking to offer students creative, authentic learning experiences. The tools of the maker movement are accelerating into schools at a rapid pace. New coding apps for the iPad, useful plugins that give Chromebooks more capability to interact with physical computing tools like Arduino,

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Handout for Intel/Vivid Event

first four speakers 2015 best

to be kept up-to-date on CMK 2015 news & speakers

My latest book, “Invent To Learn – Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom.”


“Some people think outside of the box.

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News from the world of making

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