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Unleash the robots! Hummingbird Robotics Kit has a new iPad app

One of the favorite technologies we use in our professional development workshops and Constructing Modern Knowledge is the Hummingbird Robot Kit. It’s designed with the learner in mind, robust, and gives wings to the maker’s imagination.The Hummingbird kit contains everything you need

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Music Maker: Free 3D Printing and Acoustics Curriculum

Ran across this nice resource for 3D printing – Music Maker: 3D Printing and Acoustics Curriculum “Music Maker is a free online resource that provides files for 3D printing woodwind and brass mouthpieces and tutorials for using those mouthpieces to learn

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Physics and Open-Source Robotics – Activities for the classroom

From the SparkFun Learning site Physics and Open-Source Robotics – Activities for the classroom  At 2015 National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) National Conference in Chicago, we presented a workshop titled: Physics and Open-Source Robotics – Opera of Math and Science.

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Reverse engineering for 3D printing – at any level

Here’s a quick thought experiment. Take a look at this article, “Reverse engineering for 3D Printing: Replicate, Replace & Improve Real Parts!” If you are using a 3D printer in a school, you may be on the lookout for practical

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littleBits Quick Start Guides

littleBits are ingenious snap-together magnetic elements used to create whimsical machines and prototype complex electronic circuits. It’s impossible to short-circuit the littleBits or create a syntax error in your physical “program” since they only snap together the “correct” way. Kids from

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The Invent To Learn Guide to Fun

The Invent To Learn Guide to Fun features an assortment of insanely clever classroom-tested “maker” projects learners of all ages. Pioneer maker-educator Josh Burker kicks classroom learning-by-making up a notch with step-by-step instructions, full-color photos, open-ended challenges, and sample code.

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Top ten ways to start with “maker education”

This is possibly the question I hear most frequently – “Where do I start incorporating making in my classroom?” I wish there was a single, simple answer! But here are a couple of ideas of where to start. 1. Start with

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The 3N problem

SCENARIO You and your noted mathematician colleagues convene in (virtual) Geneva to present brilliant theories pertaining to one of the world’s great mysteries, the elusive 3n Problem. BACKGROUND The 3N problem offers a fantastic world of exploration for learners of

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29 project starters for 3D printers

29 Project Starters using a 3D Printer Here are a few ideas to challenge your students – but let their imagination be the driving factor. All of these ideas can be made more challenging by adding constraints and/or requiring more

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